It was lacking something

Sometime in the middle of the day yesterday I realized that the presentation I prepared for next week was lacking something. Each of the slides has a main topic and I sat down with a blank sheet of paper to write out 10 must know things for each slide. That seemed to be the right way to start adding something to the presentation. For the most part I will be done delivering this presentation next week. That means today and tomorrow are the entire window for figuring out what needs to change within the content. Overall I’m looking for the entire presentation to have a very distinct perspective and tell one strongly backed up story that is interesting, insightful, and makes the audience want to learn more and take action to explore machine learning use cases. That is where my thoughts ended up burning cycles of creativity yesterday. It was an all in sort of focused moment on what needed to change. It was one of those moments where the problem was obvious, but the solution stood just out of reach. I’m going to keep working on it here in the next few minutes. Right now I just finished my two shots of espresso and I have a solid hour before anybody wakes up.

Interrupted. Presentation work.

It took a few minutes to fill out the blank page containing space for 10 things per slide topic. Most of the slides ended up having between 6 or 8 solid comments. I’m going to have to circle back to complete a run at 10 things per slide. The next phase in this process is going to be to sit down and try to deliver the presentation again with some of these elements being incorporated to see if it improves the overall quality of the messaging. Initially all of this effort to expand the presentation content was focused on a blank sheet of paper with the slide numbers at the top and list of things below them. At the end of the exercise that hand written content pretty much filled up the page. I’m about to transfer the bullet points onto the slide notes section for each slide in Microsoft PowerPoint. That transfer process of typing up my notes and trying to read my handwriting took about 10 minutes and it has almost inspired me to rewrite a couple of the slides. At some point the entire presentation is going to need to get revisited slide by slide to build out something better, but that is not where my focus needs to be right now. At this moment in time, my focus needs to be directed toward delivering the best possible talk next week.

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