Delivering words daily

Today is going to be a day of work and focus on delivery. It is a high quality delivery day. Today and tomorrow are going to require a lot of focus and energy to ensure I’m delivering high quality content, but after those virtual presentations are complete I’ll be able to focus on different things. Strangely enough I had wanted to work on some fiction novel that remains half finished. It had been put into the virtual shelf to be forgotten about, but for some reason it has bubbled back up to the surface. It would be pretty easy to take that false start and turn it into a short story and maybe keep adding to it a few pages at a time. Recently I have been very focused on delivering a presentation and for some reason all my focus has been shifted around on other things. It was a great way to make a list of things I could focus my time and energy on instead of a good example of how to deliver and be focused. That is really one of the things I’m starting to think deeply about. The best uses of my time and how to actually focus on those things. It seems like that would be a good place to start each day. For the last 86 days in a row one of these posts has been developed and posted. I’m quickly closing in on delivering 100 days in a row. That is just the first sign on the road to writing a post every day for a solid year. Surely that would be enough to prove the existence of a daily writing habit. 

Delivering words daily is about focusing on what needs to be said. It is about taking the time every day to organize thoughts and move along the path toward something. Outside of that type of effort the prose being created will become stagnant and it will be harder and harder to write. You have to pick a direction and strive to move forward to make progress. Ultimately the delivery of words on a daily basis is about getting things lined up and observing the world in a meaningful way. The very first thing that happens every day is that prose is created and that my day starts off with a little bit of writing. It is the mechanical and very physical sound of keys on the keyboard clicking away. It is the beginning of the day where my thoughts begin to line up instead of being in a fog of pre-coffee sleepiness. Things come into focus and it is that process that should help refine my direction for the day and help me get going toward accomplishing things and being ready to get going toward something. If you have been following along within this functional journal, then you know sometimes false starts happen and that even the best effort at taking one step forward at time involves small failures.   

My goal for today is just to do my best and move along. That is where my efforts have to be focused and my energy for the day has to be spent. It should be easy enough to deliver what I practiced presenting and to react to questions in an honest and direct way. Part of facing the day and doing your best is just an honest attempt to understand and navigate the path forward. This week is a good point along the journey to sit back for a second and think about the things being done and wonder about what should be done and how that could happen in the best possible way toward a better perfect possible future. My focus just dropped off for a second or maybe more after that last sentence. I started to think a little bit about breakfast and the fact that it is barely 05:00 hours and the sun will not be up for a long time. For some reason our new and very successful puppy powered alarm clock thought that I needed to get going a little earlier today. That is how my day started. Things got off to an early start. Two shots of espresso happened and a page of prose was crafted. I’m about to practice delivering my talk one more time and then listen to the last few efforts back to back to get a feel for where things are going. That is where things are at and where I’m going to leave things until tomorrow. 

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