Defeating the blank page

The extended weekend has started and the weather seems to be cooperating in favorable ways. Giving blood was easy enough yesterday. It was strangely busy at the donation center. Maybe the late afternoon hours before a holiday weekend are just a busy time. 

My writing efforts this morning are slow to start and that could be for a variety of reasons. My Warren Zevon radio station on Pandora is streaming some quality songs today. Both shots of espresso are working in full force to help kick start the day. Everything the day needed to have a strong foundation is present, but the words are not flowing. At this very moment the blank page is winning again and that is a terrible way to start the day. You have to ensure the blank page never wins. My time today could be mostly spent on writing and doing a few things around the house. Years ago I would spend hours writing before going to sleep. I had to get all of the words out before sleep was even a consideration. Now I just spend the early hours of the morning wrestling with the blank page. 

Tackling the big challenges facing society is generally something I build up to throughout the day. Writing at night is where that type of really advanced inquiry occurred. Engaging in reflective inquiry or really complex acts of reasoning are something that require my full focus and attention. I’m closing in on publishing a weblog post for 50 straight days. Today is the 48th straight day and Sunday will be the 50th straight day. That is a good start to building up to having a true daily writing habit created and reinforced. Given the goal of the current daily writing streak is to have a solid writing habit as my foundation things are on track. Every day I want to sit down and write a few words. I’m evening going back and doing a first pass review these days to make sure any minor grammar related quibbles are remediated in real time. Generally doing a full review of my work to correct the grammar requires a little separation between the time it was written and the time it was edited. My most common grammar related problems are missing words in a sentence and a failed word choice. Sometimes autocorrect will drop an odd word in a sentence or it might have been user error, but those are the ones that require a little bit of focus and attention to detail to catch. Being in a hurry does not ensure those types of things will be caught on an additional pass. 

Interrupted. Dog to vet.

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