Crafting better prose

Maybe I should be crafting prose about whether or not you can tell the difference between the sunrise or a sunset from a photo. Just maybe that is where my thoughts should be spent this morning. A lot more effort could be spent on crafting better prose that pushes the narrative forward. Crafting an ongoing narrative that pushes things forward toward a perfect possible future seems like the right way to go about things. Knowing the rights structure and being able to deconstruct the form, function, structure, and assumptions of something might not be enough. You have to have the energy to walk down the path. Part of crafting prose is not just about knowing the process it’s about having the passion and energy to make that happen. You have to be ready to actually do it. You have to be ready to accomplish something. Those are the types of things that do not happen by accident. They happen based on applied effort to difficult problems. Expecting a single flash of brilliance to solve everything denies our empirical understanding of the world.

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