Collecting some wandering

Taking some time off was a good idea. It was time to sit back and reflect on things for a few days without interruptions. That was way more important than I thought it would be at the time. Today is just another one of those days where I just need to sit down and practice delivering that virtual presentation. That is a daily 30 minute commitment. A draft of the presentation slides is now reasonably refined enough to support tinkering, but it is done enough to be acceptable. My method of practice will be to sit down in my blue Scaninavian Designs Wau desk chair with the Google Recorder application running on my Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone. This will record the talk with the push of a button and allow me to get a rough transcription after the fact. 

Just to be extremely clear about the transcription being rough it won’t be a polished gem or anything more than about 75% accurate. Even with the audio recording as a reference point whatever the transcription engine is doing for processing does not work out all that well. My Google account has my voiceprint and has had plenty of opportunity to work with transcribing my voice. Additionally, consider these three other elements; my tone is consistent, I have a mild midwest accent, and my recording voice is near professional quality. Anyway, I’m digressing away from the point a little bit on that diatribe against transcription quality. The point I was trying to make is that the rough transcript would need to be edited to have a good quality written out draft of the presentation text. That is not something that I will want to do with the first few efforts to deliver the talk. It needs to be a little more practiced before any type of transcription into a written version would be warranted or useful. 

That model of desk chair might sound familiar. It is the CEO chair that was featured in the HBO series Silicon Valley. It comes in blue, orange, and the waitlisted black. I have been surprisingly happy with the chair, but the one element that needs explanation is that the seat is not very well cushioned. You should probably sit in one before buying one if you are expecting an exceedly fluffy cushioned chair of resplendent comfort. This is not that chair, but it works for me and I have zero complaints about it.  That concludes my review of the chair for the moment. Instead of focusing on the things around me I’m going to return to thinking about my time off and how good an idea it was to collect a bit of wonderment in reserve for later. Sometimes you need to bottle it up and store it for later. Collecting some wandering was a solid way to go about recharging, resetting, and reflecting on things. Not only did it help me find the title of this weblog, but also it helped me functionally move along in this effort to engage in my 75th day in a row of daily journaling. That is a solid start to a daily writing routine and a step in the right direction. 

Even right now I know that the first paragraph that was written today is going to need a few minutes of editing before it can be sent out for publication on the weblog. It took a few days of writing in a row to really get going and now the reflective elements of writing are fully engaged. I’m starting to wonder about form, function, structure, and assumptions during and after the writing process. That means that my mind is really starting to engage at a deeper level during the course of these stream of consciousness writing sessions. The idea is really to think out loud onto the page and dig into the things that come to the forefront of my mind. Focusing in with a relentless pursuit of digging deeper and trying to understand the things are powerful enough to catch my attention. A byproduct of that effort is the incessant writing about writing that occurs, but that is one of those things that probably cannot be avoided at this time. Maybe something will spark a creative flame that grabs my total focus and dials my efforts into that line of inquiry. That is pretty much what I’m waiting for every day and every attempt to sit down and write. I’m waiting for that spark of creativity to push things forward.

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