Closing out tasks

This weekend has to be a weekend of closing out tasks. I have a lot of things to get done. Right now, at this very moment, I should be working on the final slides for a presentation due this month. In the next 48 hours those slides need to be closed out. At this point, I’m really just tinkering with them to improve the overall presentation. I did find out that the one will be recorded before the actual date, but it will be a recorded dry run vs. me having the opportunity to just record the video beforehand and send it over. In terms of being able to make the best possible presentation video content, being able to splice it together myself with some slide transitions would be the best option. This method sounds like I’ll login and give the presentation and the recording will be used later. It should work out well enough and that is what I’ll need to focus on preparing to deliver. The first step in that delivery process will be getting these slides done. After completing that step, the next task will be to keep practicing the presentation until it is well polished and the delivery is seamless. 

My Pandora streaming radio subscription expired today. That means I’m back to listening to advertisements. I’m still a daily active user of the audio streaming system. I should have put on a record at the start of the day, but that did not happen. I followed the standard routine for writing at the start of the day and booted up Pandora right before opening up this Google Docs word processing document editor to write this very passage of prose. The National Hockey League will resume playing games today and the first game for the Colorado Avalanche will be tomorrow afternoon in Canada.  In theory, I have some method to watch the games on the NHL Live website, but that has yet to be officially tested. Baseball started playing games and my fantasy baseball team has been unwieldy to manage with postponements and player status for games changing fluidly. I’m not entirely sure how sports are going to get fully restarted and it seems that the professional sports leagues are also trying to figure that out. This has been a very weird year for trying to understand the world that quarantine has created.

I went ahead and published this post with only two paragraphs of content. The mythical third paragraph of content for today is now officially missing… alas…

The slide presentation in question includes 8 slides. They are now pulled up full screen on my 38 inch Dell monitor and I’m reading them from start to finish with a critical eye before starting to make a few edits along the way.

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