Cleaning my office

This weekend I was going to focus on a few things, but that seems to not be happening at the expected pace. It has been 112 days since my 40th birthday and every day during that time period a weblog post has been written and published. Each day I have sat down in front of this keyboard connected to my Corsair cube case and something has been typed. My stack of 100 ruled index cards is sitting right in front of me on the desk. I’m really trying to write down ideas on the cards to spark some type of writing marathon. Today and tomorrow I’m going to work on cleaning up my office and dividing things into two categories. First, some things belong and should stay in my office. Second, some things need to be removed, they no longer fit in my office and are not necessary for any meaningful reason. Maybe just maybe focusing on cleaning will help kick start writing on some project. Generally, the more I focus on one thing that I don’t really want to do like cleaning my office some type of other endeavor will come into focus. At this point, I’m trying all sorts of different things to focus my energy on writing something more academic. In the past I have picked an academic conference to force some type of deadline and maybe that is what needs to be done.

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