Browsing black Friday deals

My main computer at the moment runs inside a Corsair Air 740 case.[1] Today for some inexplicable reason on reboot from a Windows 10 update my Ubuntu drive booted. I’m not entirely sure how that happened. In the boot order for the drives set in the bios of the motherboard the Windows 10 drive is supposed to have priority. Today it appears on this black Friday day full of deals my Windows 10 drive did not have priority in the boot sequence. That was something that had to be fixed to get back to writing this post. 

Guitar related deals and computer hardware related deals are all over my advertisements and flooding my email inbox. A lot of merchants have wished me a Happy Thanksgiving via email and let me know that deals are happening right now. I have not purchased anything this week from any deals online. Nothing has really caught my fancy or compelled me to make a purchase this year. We pretty much finished up our shopping last month in preparation for a long winter of quarantine. 

[1] My Corsair Air 740 was purchased back in January of 2018

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