A little bit of editing

Editing the transcription of the presentation after the fact is moving along well enough. That type of editing requires a lot of focus and time to get done. Within that effort I’m not trying to rewrite the content. Instead of rewriting I’m keenly focused on just making it readable and cleaning up the key points. I had used that Google Recorder application to capture the audio and export the transcript to Google Docs. That process worked well enough, but for some reason the transcription is only about 70% accurate this time around. My voiceprint with Google is pretty well refined and normally the algorithm does a better job of capturing my words as they were intended to appear in a transcript. This time around I’m editing the content line by line and working to get a finished product. The final transcript ended up being 10 pages of single paged content. Editing the block of over 5,000 words will take a day or two to clean up all the way. I’m considering recording a high quality audio version of the talk the same way that I did before. That would be pretty easy to do, but I’m not entirely sure why that would be something that needs to be done. 

Today is the day that I need to sit down and think about my research trajectory in a very serious way. I need to decide what exactly I’m going to spend my time on for the rest of the month. The obvious answer would be to take the spirit of the 5,000 word talk and redevelop that into an academic presentation by completing a literature review followed by some type of scientific inquiry. That would involve either doing some type of survey research or conducting interviews. That is probably what I need to think about doing and figure out a way to move forward within that type of effort to build up some better academic content. Developing a research trajectory is about figuring out what research questions are directionally pushing your efforts forward and mapping out where you intend to push things forward. Each step along that journey is about learning and growing. Research has to be rewarding, but it needs to be focused along some type of path to keep things moving along. That is where the trajectory becomes so important. Recently I have been interested in how machine learning use cases become linked back to their budgetary line items and how that is evaluating positively or negatively on a longitudinal basis. That analysis falls within my overall interest in machine learning and where that type of advancement is taking society in general. 

On the brighter side of things it is Friday and I should have a block of time at the end of the day to devote toward doing something. That something is what needs to be worked out. Hopefully that time gets spent on something that produces a high quality written outcome. A lot more of my daily efforts need to be focused on producing something that can be published. Alternatively, the more I focus on writing academic content the more I just want to write fiction chapters and short stories. It is a strange relationship between my intentions and my actions when it comes to being a focused and productive writer. This will be the 90th day in a row of writing a page of prose at the start of the day and that seems like something to celebrate. Getting back into the habit of producing prose on a daily basis is an important part of having a writing routine. All of this content is pretty much just a method for me to think out loud. Having a writing pattern is just about documenting my efforts to think deeply and react to the world around me as I push things forward along the path to a perfect possible future.

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