A little bit of daily writing

For the last two days of posting on this weblog the content has been sent over to Twitter as a thread (aka Tweet storm). It still feels like the handling of threads by the Twitter application/website is somewhat interesting in practice. You can end up seeing or looking at the middle or end of a thread and the end user sort of has to decide to view the thread in totality. It does show some indicators that you should click on the very happy “Show this thread” indicator at the bottom of any Tweet, but it seems rather shoehorned to fit or an artifact of after the fact design. Naturally, I’m going to keep going down this road for at least the next few posts to really get a feel for how the feature really works out in the wild. Neither of the Tweet threads sent any traffic back to the weblog, but the WordPress reader did send over a few readers who were probably interested in my thoughts on automation. That is a topic that is definitely worthy of consideration. 

My efforts to return to the habit of daily writing at the start of the day are working out well enough. It all starts with waking up early enough to get things done without anybody else in the house moving around. That is probably why the time at night and the time at the start of the day are the best use cases for producing epic tomes of lofty weight and meaning. It certainly takes a bit of energy to engage in the active practice of reflection along the way. I have a path that involves dedicating a few steps forward every day to achieve, but the actions and tasks between those steps are the stuff that defines my productivity. Both a day and a stone stand the test of time. I’m probably not going to do any stone working so my aim has to be to make the most of the time comprising my day. That is what sitting down and wrestling with the blank page is all about. It is about creating prose from the top to the bottom of the page and realizing the journey of doing that unfolds a world of through experiments that otherwise would have gone without the spark to create them. That is really the natural output of conducting this type of writing output on a daily basis. The goal of the process is to create the opportunity for something interesting to spring into existence.

Experiments: 1) For this post I set a featured image to see what it would do to the Twitter thread. 2) I also included a link to Twitter in the second sentence to see how it handles external links in the thread process.

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