A few Sunday writing adventures

At this point in the Substack journey, I’m still working 4 weeks ahead in terms of finished posts. Audio editing and recording is working out well enough. The podcast is up on a variety of platforms thanks to the RSS feed. My writing output is still focused on the one post produced throughout the week with audio being recorded during the early hours of the weekend. For this week I’m a little bit ahead of schedule and will be able to focus on some other things in terms of academic writing. To that end, I’ll need to make sure and really take advantage of the opportunity to do something interesting. 

Earlier this week I changed my desk charging configuration to include two Pixel stands. Getting to the point where I’m not picking up or looking at my phones is always a key driver for my desk management plans. I have a Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case, but sometimes I need to have the batteries at full for future adventures. I’m wondering if a general movement away from carrying smartphones around will occur. I’m going longer and longer stretches without dealing with the phone. When I’m at home the phone actually rings to a Bluetooth paired traditional handset system with a couple bases throughout the house. That makes it function in the ebay a landline would have performed.

Things on the weblog publishing front have not gone well this month. Last month included several solid streaks and daily writing. For some reason this month has had solid focus on producing quality outputs, but writing for the weblog has just not occurred properly. I actually have a few Google Docs with content in them that were never transferred over to actual publication. Sure that happens from time to time as sometimes the path to art becomes about the process and not the final product. I know that not everything that gets started is going to get finished. False starts are a part of the writing process and they are going to happen from time to time. 

Apparently this weekend the Coachella festival happened and I’m not sure I really understand it. You can watch it on YouTube if you have a need to consume streaming concert footage. This morning I listened to an hour or two from the Saturday lineup. The production value is pretty high for a live concert. That is what I took away from it outside of the striking need to make more shots of espresso. After going to the Colorado Avalanche game last night things seem to be off to a slower start.   

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