A day of whims

Yesterday, I completed a few things and along the way totally let my whims take me wherever they were going in the moment. I wanted to title this post “Gone by the whim.” That word play appears to be frequently used online and to that point by me it was quickly abandoned for this post title. Instead you got the playful, “A day of whims.” Within that phrase the essence of my day was pretty well captured. From the start to the finish of the day I just sort of went with whatever came to the forefront of my thoughts until it was time to go to sleep. Strangely enough I did go to bed a little bit early. All of the things that I had wanted to do were done for the day and it seemed like the right thing to do. 

My list of things that need to be written and worked on did not keep me awake last night. That is a positive sign that no real degree of hypergraphia was present. Projects that inspire real passion to complete have kept me awake many a night trying to squeeze out those last few pages. Sometimes I was not even aware that so much time had passed due to some really extreme focus on the task at hand. My writing efforts typically follow a feast of famine pattern. I have extremely productive periods where something is going to get written and those times have to be treasured and not interrupted. Other times I can keep on moving along like a professional writer, but it is not the same as when the spark of creativity strikes. 

You have to avoid sitting around and waiting for the proverbial creativity kettle to boil. Sometimes you have to lay out a writing project like the schematics of a house being built and just work on each part one at a time based on the plan. That is where having a daily writing habit developed like my morning one page writing exercise is helpful. Just sitting down and writing can open the floodgates and let the words flow. Other times it is just a mechanical process of moving thoughts to the page. 

I stepped away for a couple minutes and got some donuts from the grocery store. Right now my domain is throwing an “unexpectedly closed the connection” error. I’m not entirely sure why that occurred, but it lasted for about 11 minutes. Maybe here in a little bit I’ll take a look at the error logs and try to figure out how often that is happening these days.

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