A daily page of prose

Knowing that this post is going to be read out loud probably does change it a little bit. The last 3 days have featured video weblog post readings. That was in part based on getting a feel for how the Sony ZV-1 camera works in practice. Reviewing technology requires digging in and using it in practice to really get a feel for how it works. Oddly enough knowing that the content is going to be read online changes my view on it and what is being created. Even the most widely read of my weblog posts only pick up small numbers of readers. A video post over on YouTube can for what seems like no apparent reason outside of algorithmic preference garner a lot of views. Three of my videos on the platform have over 10,000 views. To put that in context this post will probably be read by a handful of people. The difference in audience size is striking and that is probably why people make video content and share it online. Overall the ability to share content is increasing rapidly. Smartphones made content creation very easy to the point of commoditization. People are building audiences in a variety of ways. Some of those audiences translate into communities of interest in all types of things. Well that is where my thoughts landed at the moment. They did not land in a very interesting place. Maybe it is time to move on to the next paragraph. 

Writing a page of prose every morning is part of my daily writing habit. For over fifty days in a row now I have woken up and sat down to write. Powerful as routines can be it is the habit of writing that creates the most promise. Writing every day in a continuous narrative helps change and inform a writing style. Over the years I have developed a fairly clear writing voice and it is something that will remain. This exercise of daily writing allows me to improve my overall writing and ultimately improve my editing. Each day a page of prose is being written and then read from start to finish as part of the editing process. During the course of the last 3 days the post has also been read for a video post. That process really helps apply a round of after the fact editing and review. Something about reading the post out loud helps firm up a few of the little grammar misses that might have occurred during the writing process. Keep in mind the time between writing, editing, and posting is very limited. All of those actions happen in a swift series of events that ultimately end up with this prose landing online. That is my method of production when it comes to creating weblog content. All of the content is pretty much created for the express purpose of focusing my thoughts and allowing me to think out loud. Generally the content is not written for the reader it is written for the sake of the writer. It is written as part of an iterative exercise to refine and rework thoughts toward an ultimately final product. 

Over the last few days I have learned that using the Sony ZV-1 to support a video production workflow is fairly easy. Recording content is easy enough. The harder part is removing the memory card to transfer the files by unscrewing the GP-VPT2BT wireless shooting grip that is being used as a tripod for the camera. My suggestion for the Sony engineers would have been to consider making the memory card accessible from somewhere other than the part covered up by the tripod. Outside of that one inconvenience the video production workflow is easy enough. I’m going to try this weekend to edit a longer video together in the PowerDirector 18 application. Editing 4K video will be an interesting test of my computer hardware and my patience with the editing process. The last time around when I created a daily vlog my primary video editing efforts were done on my Google Pixel smartphone using the PowerDirector app.

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