20200422 Thoughts

We have been in quarantine for over a month now. Every few weeks out of habit, I do Febreze my Scandinavian Designs Wau desk chair. Recently I moved to the heavy duty version. That is what was available for purchase at the time. 

Today I started working on finishing up the “Google Cloud Fundamentals for Azure Professionals: Core Infrastructure” Coursera course. It looks like this course can be finished for free right now and really only includes a few quiz items. Strangely enough it looks like I have already consumed about 50% of this course, but I don’t really recall doing this course. Maybe this course has some overlap with something else in the Coursera system. I have done a ton of classes in Coursera so that is probably what happened.   

I have to admit the Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster guitar in polar white looks pretty awesome. If we were not in quarantine, then I would probably want to see it in person at a guitar store.

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