20200420 Thoughts

Last night I listened to a couple of hours of an audiobook and thought about how I wanted to use my time today. Some of my thoughts inevitably drifted toward doing some type of audio recording. I have this SAMSON microphone, Stedman proscreen XL, and Marantz professional sound shield setup ready to go. Maybe I will get something recorded today.

I’m listening to chapter 2 of “No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram” audiobook by Sarah Frier (2020). So far the book is pretty decent. A story is being told in just about the right amount of detail. I’ll probably end up finishing it this week.

Earlier today I managed to walk for 45 minutes on my treadmill before lunch. That needs to happen on a daily basis. Walking is the right thing to do every day as part of a plan to be healthy and keep moving around. Sitting for 10 hours is a terrible plan.

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