20200419 Thoughts

Almost all of my writing tends to be about what could be. It tends to form around the path to a perfect possible future. What is about to happen next is generally where my thoughts get focused. Maybe distilling that line of thought to its essence will be enough to help metaphysically knock on the sky. Those metaphysical knocks are the best knocks. Actually knocking on the sky in practice remains decidedly unfulfilling.

Tonight I’m listening to an audiobook from Sarah Frier called “No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram” (2020). The last book like this that I listened to in audiobook format was by Anna Wiener called “Uncanny Valley: A Memoir” (2020). Both of these books were read in a sort of detached sort of way. The reader never builds up a ton of emotion or extra pace. Maybe the best way to say that is that the narration is exceeding professionally level in pace and execution. It is oddly calming to listen to at the end of the day. 

The introduction narrated by the author before chapter one was probably my favorite part of the “No Filter” audiobook. I’m probably going to be listening to the book all week. It will get consumed a couple hours a night until my listening experience is complete. 

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