20200412 Thoughts

Recently, I have been thinking about just pulling down all my online content. I could earlier drop the last 10 years of weblog activity into a book and let that be available in both digital and hardcopy. Maybe that is an odd way to think about archiving things, but that is how my thoughts focused. For the most part, this weblog gets some really odd incoming activity patterns. People typically read my more technical troubleshooting posts and my various salsa recipes. Obviously, those are two of my more useful contributions to the world of online content.

When I sit down with the intention to write. My emotional state simply has not allowed for the words to flow in the way they should. Something is blocking the free and open outflow of thought. This is not the case of thoughts interrupting other thoughts. Maybe it is an example of where stress is causing my focus to be more on my surroundings, situation, and less about the continuity of an ongoing narrative. Given that a weblog is generally an attempt at an ongoing narrative the current situation is problematic. Even if you consider this to be more of a functional journal vs. a pure weblog it still lacks any real ongoing attempt at a narrative at this point. The only common thread is that the thoughts were generated by the same author. That alone is not compelling or particularly interesting.

A brief after lunch nap was enough to help me think about what I wanted to do with my time. I’m going to really double down on using both TensorFlow and GCP. I’m going to really dig into my instance of GCP tomorrow.

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