20200408 Thoughts

This morning I started watching the NBC News live stream on YouTube during the course of my first cup of coffee. While this might not have been the most optimistic way to start my day. I do have to say that it was somewhat informative. The number of live streams people are making available is growing. It is easier to find streams of news, but it is harder to judge the reliability and quality of the content. A lot of people have moved their trust to specific people instead of news organizations. It is ultimately the judgment of the content curator that is viewed over time to determine the value of what is being presented.    

At the moment, I’m still pretty sold on getting an American Ultra Stratocaster in Arctic Pearl with a rosewood fretboard. We will see how long that lasts. I’m probably going to buy a guitar during the month of May this year, but exactly what will be purchased remains up in the air.  

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