20200405 Thoughts

Earlier today I started to figure out how to cast Disney Plus to my Google Next Hub Max. Telling the Hub how to play something from YouTube TV was really easy. Trying to get it to display content via voice command for other things was difficult. Strangely it has gotten harder in the last year. Maybe the introduction of the ability to do more things created conflict in getting to the pathing that I wanted to execute. Obviously, clicking the cast button is much more accurate given that it is a 1:1 pathing selection to execution. Sometimes using the new voice technology makes life easier and sometimes it creates a ton of frustration. On the brighter side of things the Disney Plus subscription that we have for the next few years (I prepaid for 3 years) supports casting to screens with very little effort. 

During the start of the day open a new word processing document. Progress through the day while taking some notes and recording thoughts.

Right now my favorite guitar string has to be the Ernie Ball Paradigm “Skinny Top Heavy Bottom” electric guitar strings. They have proven to be a really solid string option. I tried both the regular and the Paradigm versions of the strings. After testing both string options, I ordered 3 packages of the Paradigm version to use going forward. That should clearly tell you where I stand on the Paradigm vs. regular Ernie Ball string debate.

I watched this video of Linus building a budget value gaming rig…

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