20200404 Thoughts

My second cup of coffee was resplendent. Today I started to think about technology and where my focus should be. Google released a bunch of location and movement data this week. It pretty much shows how patterns of movement have changed. It might be a good idea to dig into that data or maybe my time would be better spent on working on some certifications. Earlier this year I had committed to working on my basic coding skills and brush-up on building things in Python.

Today my subscription to YouTube TV ended. Given that March Madness ended early this year my subscription to cable had to go early as well. We generally only pay for television access when the Kansas Jayhawks are playing basketball. Today instead of watching the daily White House press briefing on a television channel I watched it via streaming live on YouTube thanks to the Washington Post with about 58,268 people. I tuned in a little early and wondered if the Washington Post knew the people in the room were being broadcast live a couple hours early. You could hear people talking in the room and it was interesting.

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