20200329 Thoughts

Everyday I open a word processing document to capture my thoughts. Sometimes that works out well enough and others the process fails miserably. For the most part, the process is just a string of thoughts as they happen written into brief snippets that occasionally form paragraphs, but more or less remain exclamations without any supporting thoughts. 

For example, “Maybe this week I will be able to go back through all my online domains and trim some of that down to the bare minimum.” That exclamation has no supporting thoughts put around it or any real context at all. For the most part it is akin to shouting at the sky and waiting to hear a response that will never come. It could have been expanded to explain my views on managing hosting and updating software versions to prevent calamity.  

My Pixelbook Go chromebook now has two new Colorado Avalanche hockey stickers on it. For those of you keeping track, that brings my sticker total up to 3 on this chromebook. The first sticker added was a Soylent stacker sticker they sent me a couple of weeks ago. The benefit of the stickers is that each one reduces the footprint of available area for fingerprints to stand out on this strangely matte black surface.

We had to order more coffee from our friends at The Roasterie (Kansas City). Over the last month I have been enjoying some freshly roasted fair trade coffee. We grind it right before brewing it using a Keurig K-Duo Brewer. This combination of coffee, fresh grinding, and the brewer has worked out well enough. 

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