20191124 Thoughts

Today was a day where a trip to CostCo happened right when they opened. It was a day where buying new tires was about to happen. During the wait to purchase tires, I realized that it was time to delete Boom Beach (Supercell video game company) from my phone again. Over the last few weeks I have opened it a couple of times per day again for a couple minutes at a time. Instead of playing Boom Beach that time needs to be spent on writing and I know that should always be the priority. Unfortunately, instead of continuing down the road of deep thought it always seems easier to check on on Boom Beach and see what has happened. You might be thinking that it should be possible to do both, but alas that is not the case. Switching between whatever I was doing and the game a couple of times a day was a substitute for engaging in laser like focus and extreme problem solving.

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