20191117 Thoughts

At this exact moment, (Sunday morning after two cups of coffee) the top 5 albums I might buy on vinyl are…

Sponge – Rotting Pinata
Belly – Star (Feed the tree)
Meat Puppets – Too high to die
Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
Alice in Chains – Dirt

These choices are a reflection of my current mood and are compounded by the fact that over 50 albums are already in my vinyl collection. My collection has now abridged 50 total vinyl albums.

Recently, I did price out a build of the Silo bridge pickup from Bare Knuckle pickups this week. The ‘Silo’ humbuckers from Bare knuckle were designed in partnership with Rabea Massaad. Sitting next to me I have a Chapman guitars ML3 Bea signature which does not have this new pickup. It has a Chapman branded humbucker in it and sounds amazing, but it is no longer in the now.

Oh — I was supposed to look at how you load an audiobook to all the major distributors. I’m going to try that one out next week.

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