20191113 Thoughts

Yesterday, I was in New York City for the first time in years. Visiting Times Square this week was an interesting experience to say the least. New York City is a bustling place. People are everywhere and moving around quickly. I had intended to take notes throughout my travels, but things got too busy. Attending an all day conference takes a certain amount of energy. A solid writing session also takes a good amount of energy putting those two things solidly in conflict. During the Ai4 Healthcare conference I did not have the time to really sit down my Google Pixelbook Go and write. Things happened very quickly and the speaking sessions were pretty short. That combination of things meant I spent a lot more time listening and talking to people than writing. That worked out well enough and now things are back to normal.

Every year I take the time to attend somewhere between 3 and 5 conferences. That has been my academic routine for a very long time. The conferences have changed over the years, but the general experience of learning always remains relatively the same. You experience new things and figure out where to go next. Within that purpose of striving forward to a better next the meaning of life, the universe, and pretty much everything is probably lurking. Heavy and deep thoughts for so early on Wednesday, but I have already had four shots of espresso and things are starting to move along.

My Google Pixelbook Go arrived on October 29, 2019 and I have been using it ever since as my daily writing platform. Overall, the device has been really solid and done everything I needed it to do without any problems. My only criticism of the device is the whole thing is super prone to showing fingerprints. I’m cleaning the whole thing gently every five days or so to keep it looking pristine. Whoever tested the coating material for fingerprints just did not get the device out into the real world enough. I feel like this is something people would have noticed pretty quickly during the course of daily use. My Dell does does not have this problem and the ASUS Chromebook Flip never showed any fingerprints on the aluminum case.

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