Cover Letter

I have a PhD in Knowledge Management, Public Policy and Administration, and E-Government from Walden University, and a Stanford Advanced Project Management Certificate. I have over nine years of experience as a Product Director of IT application development at a fortune 10 company building and administering software applications for clinical decision systems, knowledge management systems, and robotic process automation systems. I have also successfully led a Medicare Part D prior authorization team, reducing ticket incident volume and turnaround time significantly. I am passionate about healthcare technology, machine learning, and civic engagement. I am the author of Graduation with Civic Honors and three books on machine learning. I also write weekly posts on my blog and occasionally speak at conferences and events. 

Want to know more? 

1. Major transformations – My skills as a director were deployed to a situation where a prior authorization team of 100 people needed new leadership, reorganization, and serious process improvement.  

2. Building systems – After successfully getting that team on track, I moved over to lead several application engineering teams working on clinical decision systems and prior authorization systems. 

3. Delivered integrations – Flawlessly helped integrate and deploy a brand-new 3rd party prior authorization system during the stand-up of a new to market pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). 

4. Enablement & strategic transformation – The work ended up including IT Enablement and strategic transformation for 17,000 colleagues. I also got to build and run the “Are you kidding me?” team to support 150,000 colleagues in terms of enablement, escalation, and process optimization.