Thinking about good adventure books

Instead of working on a Substack post right now I’m just listening to the WAN show and drinking a glass of water. That is how this day is starting off. I spent a few minutes looking up all time great adventure books to find a good one. Most of the time I read non-fiction books so I have not really gotten that far into many other books. Recently, I read the entire The Expanse series which is the first modern series I have consumed outside of the derivative Dune books beyond the original series. So many books are getting published right now that it is hard to know what to read next. So many people read that Ready Player One book a few years back that I picked it up and thought it was great. A lot of people recommended The Expanse series so I gave it a shot and it turned out to be delightful in terms of being a space opera with reasonable technology. Obviously, I would have preferred that many novels be devoted to extending the Firefly universe, but you cannot always get the things you want. 

To just be clear about my point here, I’m thinking about good adventure books. Trying to figure out what audiobook to read next is a bit of a time consuming thing. To be clear I don’t mind paying the audiobook price where the royalty goes to the publisher and author. They did some work and I plan to enjoy listening to it or sometimes reading it. I’m just not in favor of buying audiobooks that are disappointing. Most of the time I’ll be listening to a podcast and they will recommend some books to read. I’ll open up Google Books and buy the audiobook to listen to in that hour before bed. The vast majority of those books are basically modern history. Finding really good science fiction series has been a bit harder.

I’m open to recommendations for a good read. Generally, I prefer epic space journeys.

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