A lot of editing effort is pending

Reworked the ebook manuscripts for Forbidden Stones and Jupiter Darkly into the right format. It still needs to be edited from start to finish. Both are novella length works at the moment. 

I downloaded and installed the Artifact application after listening to Casey Newton talk about the application during Code 2023. 

Posted a quick update on LinkedIn, “Machine learning election models: We are quickly approaching 3 years of my weekly machine learning and other artificial intelligence posts on Substack every Friday. Things are changing so rapidly in the AI/ML space that writing research notes each week has been a very rewarding journey. This last week I spent some time taking a look at machine learning election modeling.”

Locked in 54 pages of a new book on feedback. It needs to be edited line by line before release. 

3 manuscripts need to be line by line edited before release into an ebook at the moment.

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