Sunday tasking adventures

My efforts to write a solid opening were thwarted this morning. This post is really just a series of thoughts on some varied taskings. To me the post reads hollow like it is missing something. 

My efforts to build out a path toward creating some data analysis lessons is working well enough. Each day I’m building and layering some things in Jupyter notebook and thinking about how to best teach charting. 

One of the things that I plan on doing today is doing some updates to my Graduation with Civic Honors website. I have not done anything substantial with it in some time. Before the quarantine hit I was in the process of recording an audiobook version. That tasking needs to get done at some point.

Overwhelming smartphone notifications…

The quantity of notifications I’m getting from applications could be generally considered oversaturated compared to my ability or interest in consuming them in real time or asynchronously. One of the things that I’m actively working on is trimming down the number of applications on my smartphone. It is currently running Android R in beta release (Android 11) and I’m just getting bombarded with notifications from applications. 

I was taking a look at this Dell monitor…

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